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2021 | Photography Biz, Elopement, Pregnancy, + Beau

WOW! What a year it was. Where do I even begin?

Social Media Breather

I had been pretty silent on social media the majority of 2021. This was 100% intentional - I felt that I needed to take a break to focus on other aspects of my life (keep reading 😉). I’ve always struggled with finding a balance between my personal life, work life, and photography business. There is always something that has to give. Last year I didn’t feel that I had the capacity to keep up with social media. Honestly, it is overwhelming to stay on top of editing while posting regularly and keeping up with social media trends in order to stay relevant. During my busiest times (summer through the end of fall) I want to put my energy and time into delivering quality photos in the fastest timeline possible. I try to do as much as I can behind the scenes in the “off season” (winter through spring) to make up for what I don’t do during busy season.


2021 was a big year! I met so many incredible people and photographed at some pretty amazing places. I shot around 50 sessions and weddings all over Minnesota and Wisconsin. (It may not seem like a lot for a whole year, but photography is my part-time gig so most of my editing and shooting happens AFTER I’m done working my other job.) I traveled to Marquette, Michigan for a surprise engagement session and The North Shore for a styled elopement - and everywhere in between. I CANNOT WAIT to share all these photos and experiences with you! I have continued to book lots of exciting sessions and weddings for 2022 and I am looking forward to another great year! I am feeling very inspired and motivated to continue this crazy, fun adventure!

Ruby Beach Elopement

On June 9, 2021 Ben and I tied the knot in a surprise sunrise elopement at Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park in Washington. It was the most incredible experience! We had not told any of our family and friends and surprised our parents with a FaceTime call on the beach. We loved how intimate and private the ceremony was - we said a prayer and exchanged our own vows. The whole day was all about us, we got to do what we wanted to do. (Which was take a nap after getting up at 3:00 am 😄.) If you’re considering an elopement over a traditional wedding, I STRONGLY recommend! And hire me to be your photographer. ;)

(Photos and video by Morgan and Joel Photography)


You guys! I haven’t told you yet! I had a baby in 2021!! I had a wonderful and easy pregnancy and feel so lucky to have been healthy and comfortable the entire time. We chose to share our pregnancy with only our close family and friends and I would do it that way all over again.

(Photos by Emily Schmidt Photography)

Beau Everett

Born December 10, 2021 at 3:52 pm. He is so perfect. Ben and I are so incredibly blessed with the sweetest (and cutest) baby. Though these first weeks have been challenging, we are learning so much about him, ourselves, and each other and it has brought us closer and more in love than ever. I hope to share more of Beau and our family with you in 2022!

(Photos by Jenna Irvine Photography)

2021 brought me the greatest gifts and blessings. I don’t know that another year will ever top it. I have never been so incredibly happy and comfortable in the life I have created. I look forward to all the love I get to share in my new little family and the love I get to capture through my photography. Thank you all for an incredible year! I am humbled to have been chosen and trusted by so many of you to document the most important days of your lives. ❤️

2022, I can’t wait!




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