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Moody Goose Island Park Outdoor Wedding

I shot this wedding in 2019 but I still think of it often. Annie and Corey's wedding day didn't turn out how they had envisioned. It was a rainy and cool fall day so the outdoor wedding they had dreamed of turned into a cozy tent ceremony. With all their close family and friends, they exchanged emotional vows and did a handfasting ceremony which brought everyone to tears. I can still see the way they looked at each other during their ceremony - just so incredibly happy to be marrying each other. The moody, rainy day made for perfect photos in the tall pines and Annie's classic, timeless look moves me every time I look back at these photos. They ended their day driving away in Corey's old green car.

I wonder where they are today. I hope that they still look back at these memories as fondly as I do. Though the weather wasn't perfect, their love is. All that happened that day is their story that they may tell to their children and grandchildren someday.

There is a part of me that is sad that my involvement in these beautiful love stories only lasts for a day. Then I remember that it's not just a day, it is a lifetime... and more... because I have created the one thing that will live on after the tent comes down, the suites are returned, and the flowers have wilted. Annie and Corey will have these photos forever, my work is forever.


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