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Nostalgic In-Home Documentary Session In Hudson, Wisconsin

The nostalgia of this one hit me hard! This family was moving out of their early 1900s homes where they had lives for 15 years. So many memories here, including bringing their little girl home. They wanted me to capture life just as it was... morning coffee, brushing their teeth together, playing on the couch... all their usual weekend routine... and capture it all in their old, beautiful home. Those little moments together that they want to remember forever.

These documentary-style sessions are where my heart is. I love capturing life as real as it is because I want you to be able to look back and remember how it REALLY was... not a posed photo where you bribed and begged your kids to smile. I want the tantrums, the shy clinging, sticky fingers and juice mustaches, real giggles, and craziness that all families are


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