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Warm Summer Family Session

The warm summer light in these photos has me craving summer like crazy! The Tappendorf family chose to do their family session in their backyard. Lucky for us, their backyard is home to a beautiful golf course. I had so much fun cruising around in a golf cart scoping out the best locations for light around the course.

I love exploring new and unique locations for sessions. No, I absolutely do not want to go to the same location for every single session. Let's switch it up! I get bored with the same scenery all the time. Let's get creative... what does you like to do? Where is favorite spot you like to hang out? What are your hobbies? Let's incorporate that into your session so it represents you! I'm not afraid to try new things and new places. Give me a challenge! I'm here for it!

Anyways... check out these sweet photos of the Tappendorf family.


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