Wisconsin + Minnesota 

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Let me capture your honest and authentic story.


Do you like to dance like a crazy person.. laugh until it hurts.. hug too tightly.. love passionately..?

I think we're perfect for each other! I want to meet you and I want to get to know you in the realest way. I want to capture those bad habits, nervous ticks, smile lines, shy grins, and nose crinkles. I want the real, adventurous you- messy hair, scars, bare feet and all. And I want you to look back at your pictures years from now and get a pit in your stomach from the longing to go back to that time. Let me capture your story. 

Well hello there.

I'm Kaylyn.

I'm the adventurous, overly obsessed with my dog, glass overflowing, laugh at everything, always smiling girl behind the camera. And when I freak out, it's usually because I've created something amazing. Being a photographer gives me so much joy, let me share it with you.

"I realized there is no shame in being honest.

There is no shame in being vulnerable.

It's the beauty of 

being human."

Let's talk!

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